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My laptop and my 2 netbooks

As of the present, these are my machines. I have a 7” netbook, a 10.1” netbook, and a 15” Dell Inspiron laptop. Actually, the smallest one is for my daughter but now that she says this 10.1”, she does not want to use the smallest. She even wants the big laptop but then I cannot let her messed up with my machine. Anyway, I am using the small netbooks in visiting the sites of my friends or in doing face booking.

Home server

Installing and setting the home server in my Sony laptop!

I would surely do

I do love the new look of my friend’s website. She said that it’s designed by one of the good Houston web design peps whom she happened to know at her favorite social networking website. And since she’s happy and she’s also satisfied with the work of that person who worked in a nice web designing company, she’s recommending it to me that if I want to change the looks of my website, it’s good that I will try to check with her designer. I told her that I will surely do consult the person whom she asked to change the layout of her site since I also love everything on her website.