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Memory game

My kid and I played memory games on the words that I wrote on the card. Those were part of his homeschooling lessons under games and activities. At first, he won. The 2nd game, he lost the game and then he cried. So I told him to fix the card and he would be the first player. The result was that he won and he was the happiest of all.

Crazy but meaningful days

Every day is a crazy day for me. Homeschooling is so stressful when my kid will fight. But if he will fight with me, I would like to quit and resign as a mother and his learning guide. Haha funny huh! How I wish I can but I cannot. So, I would just have to have lots of patience so that I will not become crazy! Nyahaha. It’s part of being a mother in which it makes my life colorful even though it is more than taxing.


I have not scanned the last week’s lessons yet as the kid refuses to write again. I do not know what to do with him. He hates writing a lot. I do not want to be grouchy with him not writing his lessons today. So, he is stock with that part of the academic subjects. I hope he will write in a while so that I can scan his lessons and submit it to his teacher.

Laptop connected to the big TV for virtual learning (supposedly)

I tried to connect my old dell laptop to the living room TV for the purpose of the kid’s virtual homeschooling. But then, during that day, he refused to have his homeschooling because he was having his tantrums. He just played his favorite games at nick Jr. dot com in which his name for it is bigbigjorner.