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QSC Touchmix 16 compact digital mixer

Do you like qsc touchmix by Musician’s Friend? What features you like best with this touch mix? As for me, what I like is that it’s easy format and its affordability. The design is also compact yet it is capable of large mixing and this is so powerful. Professional production workers, musicians, and newbies can easily work in this touch QSC Touch Mix. Do you want to buy it right now?

Easy guitar songs

I am music lover ever since and I love guitar. In order to satisfy my music hobby and my learning on how to play guitar, I bought easy songs for guitar  so that I can practice anytime I want to. And this happened when I was still pregnant with my 1st child. Until now, I still have these easy songs for guitar. How I wish I will have enough time to practice my guitar playing once again and master my favorite songs. Music and musical instrument have a great therapy for me.


Through His eyes

I just love this song. I remember posting this once I get inside the room and listen to the music that is playing. It’s then I’ve decided to search it at you tube and posted it in. Hope you like this too. Blessings for all of us (around the globe)! Peace in God’s name!

Note: Thanks to the owner of this video with lyrics!