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I just want to compare

Here I am trying to read a good gps review because I want to try another brand of GPS. But don’t think that I don’t love or like this one that I have right now.  I do love my GPS since this is a gift that my husband gave together with the car that he gave me last 2010.  The reason of why I want to buy another GPS is that I want to try new brand so that I can compare this one with the new that I will be buying hopefully end of this month or February. Anyway, I just need GPS since I am not yet familiar with the roads here in spring. As a new driver (I just got my renewable DL ID yesterday), I need a good guide to new places that I want to visit and discover.

Sorting fotos in my droid X fon

I am just sorting photos that are worth keeping in my android X phone. I uploaded it in my computer and then make around three folders (one for posting on my blogs, one for keeping and one folder for trash). Hope I can finish this thing as I need to do lots of things in the house and I need to finish some articles as well.

Activated my USB mobile broadband internet

During the day I activated my Verizon USB Mobile Broadband Internet. But before anything else, since my USB wasn’t scanned before leaving the warehouse of best buy dot com after my online order, I need to call the CS first so that they can encode my bar code and listed it. After that, I called up Verizon so that they can give me my mobile number and so that they can activate my mobile USB internet. I just need this thing soon whenever I will be far away from home!

What model of DSLR Canon camera will I buy?

One of the gadgets that I want to buy is digital single lens reflex camera or as what they termed DSLR. I love this camera because I can take pictures of anything in a clear digital image. But what I need is the one that will fit my budget without sacrificing the features and specifications of the one that I like most. I am a brand conscious and one of the brands that I love most is Canon.

With this love of mine, I am searching online on where to buy affordable DSLR Canon cameras for my personal use with reasonable price, free shipping, discounts, and more. And I am kind of relieved with me visiting since this site has lots of techs and gadgets to offer. The first thing that attracts me is the FREE SHIPPING. WOHOOO love freebies a lot. So, I am going to sort the DSLR cameras that this site is offering and check the model that I’ll be buying pretty soon. I merely need to have a DSLR because I love taking pictures whenever my family and I will be out for some adventures. I simply find it so nice to have the most beautiful digital photos of all whenever I will use a Canon DSLR camera!