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the Heater is on

It is summer but the heater is functioning right now. It’s unbelievable. Yesterday the wind was a bit chilly but when the without the strong wind blow, the weather was hot. Oh Colorado weather, you are amazing!

He’s fixing it

The bathroom needs to be repaired again. So, the husband bought a teflon hose and other things for him to finish the work. Before that, I just tried to fix it myself in my own little way. But then the hose all gave up and it produced lots of leaks for several days. When I asked him how to fix a particular thing it’s then he said that whenever I will have some problem, it’s good that I will share it rather than fixing it alone. My answer to him was that I will surely tell him or ask him if I find some things that need to be fixed as I don’t want leakage again since it will create molds inside the house and it’s not healthy for everyone especially for the kids.

Kids sneak out

Thanks to Roman May

I thought I raised good kids. I thought I had taught them the difference between right and wrong. I thought I had taught them to obey their parents and I even thought I had taught them respect. Last week I was proven wrong. Both of my teenagers decided to sneak out of the house and go to a college party. I have always trusted them, so we didn’t have an Alarm System to keep them in the house. I was asleep in my bed thinking they were too. However, at 1 AM I get a call from the police department. It is my children. They apparently were drinking at a party, when the cops showed up and arrested everyone who was underage. I was in complete shock. My kids should have known better. What children do not realize is their actions are a reflection on you. They just think it does not matter and it is their life. However, I am so embarrassed by this entire incident that it will be a couple weeks before I can show my face in my social circle. I just do not know what to do.

Professional cleaners

Staying in a cool and comfy home is much needed for any homeowners. Isn’t it right? It will be so relaxing to go home right after the hard day’s work whenever the place is so snug. This is what everyone loves a lot. And not just that, owners of any homes will love the cleanest house to live with because this means that living in a tidy place is always health wise.

For those people who are not so busy with their lives, the cleaning will be hands on for them. But for those busy ones, they will usually hire professional cleaners to do the thorough cleaning in every corner of their precious dwellings. And thus, they will hire those professional shampoo carpet cleaner Austin to make their carpets the cleanest of all. Speaking of professional cleaners in Austin, most people will seek the services of because this company is well known for their professional services for more than twenty-five years now.

So, how about you?  Would you rather clean your place by yourself or you will hire professional cleaners to clean your place?