Using wigs to enhance your natural beauty

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Is your hair important to you? I bet it is huh! Is that the first thing you will take care each and every morning? Surely you are so particular with how your hair looks and its growth as well. Are you a lover of different hair styles? If you are, what are your means in styling your hair? Will these styles make your hair healthy or the other way around?

Looking stylish and beautiful with the way you comb and style your hair should not sacrifice your natural hair. One means of not sacrificing your natural hair is to use black wigs. Wigs are pretty and chic. It can enhance your looks for less as you don’t need to buy lots of stuffs or you don’t need to visit beauty salons to style your hair. Another thing is that it can help you conceal bald spots of your hair or cover white and gray hair. With using wigs, trying different styles with different colors is an easy thing to do. Whatever your preference will be, you can easily try on curly hair wigs, long wigs, short hair wigs, or straight hair wigs.

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Studio Foam for sound proofing

When you are looking for sound proofing for your studio room or for your home office, just see studio foam, check it out at This pack is affordable and it will help “purge vertical waves and flap echoes”. Another thing is that this will decrease annoying echoes, lessen slap-back and more. Are you ready to shop right now? Do visit Musicians Friend.

Big muff at

Do you know that Electro-Harmonix Classics USA big muff at is so affordable? Yes it is! As of today it is $80.40 and this item’s shipping is free. Isn’t that cool thing to have? This distortion sustainer guitar effects pedal offers. You can also choose from among the wide selection of big muff pedals. Have fun shopping at GC and don’t forget to avail discounts and free shipping and handling.

Guitar center Beaverton

There are times that I want to online window shopping for the things that I like and there are times also that I want to visit my favorite stores to look for some sale items that may interest me. Speaking of shopping, my cousin just love visiting guitar center beaverton. And I cannot blame her for this store has everything with it comes to guitars and other music instrument. This is like one stop shop for her and surely this will be a store for those music lovers as well. Have you tried visiting this place already?

First dental appointment – excited

I am so excited for my first ever dental appointment right after living here abroad for almost 12 years now. The last time that I had my dental appointment was 2004 with my cousin who was a dentist. Since then, I haven’t tried visiting a dentist since I am living here in this far away land. I hope my teeth are fine, although, I need to have at least 3 teeth pulled out coz I don’t want to suffer toothache. I hope the cost will just be minimal.

Music supply store

As I am sorting the old stuff in our stock room, my daughter saw me and then she noticed a piece of music instrument that needs to be repaired. Then she said that she wanted to visit the nearby music supply store as she wanted to fix the thing that I was holding. And that thing was a guitar. She loved that guitar so much and that’s why she wanted to fix it. Hopefully, we can visit that music store by tomorrow or before the 25th as fixing her guitar is one of the gifts that I can give her.

MIDI controllers

I do love the best midi controllers that I have seen online when I was browsing for small keyboard controllers. I am looking for a pink colored but was not able to find one. The thing that caught my attention was the Akai Professional RED MPK MINI MKII. The price is right for me. I also love all the reviews as all were pretty amazing. Are you in need of keyboard controller that is mini in size? What brand do you love most?

Bell tree

What is a bell tree? What is it for? Okay, this is a percussion instrument that has vertical nested inverted bowls which are metals. Since I am curious with it, I look for one product and this is the “LP LP450 26-Bell Bell Tree with Stand Standard” which has 26 brass bells, black metal stand, the feet are cushioned, and it can easily be mounted on posts. The price of this thing is just less than 250 bucks which is so affordable. Do you like to have one like this right now?

Casio piano keyboard

When I let my homeschooled eldest son enroll in a piano class, I bought casio piano keyboard for me at my favorite stores. My kid was happy with it. But during that time he was a bit small. I hope that right now that he is big he will go back to piano lessons as he had a beautiful piano keyboard that he can use in mastering and playing piano

More projects for #Rita – 2nd evictee of pbbluckyseason7

I just wished that #Rita of #PBBLuckySeason7 is still there in the house. I hope she can be in the house again before the choosing of the lucky 7. I hope she can be given another chance. If ever she will not be back again, I hope there will be more offers for her in the show business. I hope she will have a handler and there will be a manager for her career. Hope those rich people will help her have a better life with her families.